Festival Information

This is an attempt to answer questions folks may have about the Siskiyou Folk and Bluegrass Festival.

Is there a parking fee? No, not for the festival. If you plan to camp, the park does have a parking fee of $5.

How much does the Siskiyou Folk and Bluegrass Festival cost?  An all day ticket to the festival is a very affordable $20 at the gate, and children 12 and under are free!

Is there camping or lodging available? Yes, there are nice lodging options available, see our camping page for more information

Will there be food?  Vegetarian options?  Food and beer will be provided with help from Wild River Pizza and Brewing, our festivals biggest sponsor.  Local Wine will be available from Bridgeview Winery. Yes, vegetarian and vegan options are available, as well as delicious locally brewed beer and wine.

Can I bring my own food? Yes!  You are welcome to bring coolers, drinks (no alcohol!!!), snacks, make yourself comfortable.

How do I get there? See our Directions page for a map.

Are dogs allowed? Please, no dogs.

What is the weather like this time of year? It can usually be described in one word, hot.  But it’s June, where isn’t it hot?  Misters will be on site to keep folks cool, you can always take a dip in the lake, or cool off with beverages from The concession stand.

What facilities are available at the festival site?  Restrooms, running water, a shaded dining area, playgrounds, even a disc golf course just up the hill are all at the site of the Siskiyou Folk and Bluegrass Festival

Can I bring lawnchairs?  Popups for shade?  Yes!  Again, make yourself comfortable chairs, blankets, shade, bring it!